Simulation never end

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Simulation never end

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Hi Tim,

I need some help... I started a model in SPACES a long time ago, but the simulation always "stop" when 3D views factor is calculating . I thought that it would be my computer because of a low power.
These days I tried to simulated it again in a new computer, huge one, situated in the laboratories of the university, where there should be no problem, however, it happens again.

My grid is 125x170x50 with dz=2 and telescoping: ON with 0%. The simulation is for 2hours in 22 june 2019.

First, I thouthg that the model would be so big, so I delete the buildings and reduced it to a line of wall.
Second, I thouthg that could be a high LAD, so I reduce the number of trees.
And finally I have decreased the z dimension to 50.
But the result is the same.
Maybe the model only need much hours to simulate, but I think it's weird because I've reduced the model to a almost simple case, so, after 3hours waitting for simulation I think that there is something wrong on it.

Could you help me?
The model is attached.
Thank you so much!
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Re: Simulation never end

Post by Tim »


It may take several days for large models. Keep waiting some days and it should run.

Best regards,

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