Initial meteorological conditions

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Initial meteorological conditions

Postby lina10086 » Thu Mar 26, 2020 2:35 pm

Dear ENVI-met team,

I am confused by the Initial Meteorological Condition Inputs in the configure file.
Does it mean the meteorological data at the start time?

For example, my simulation starts at 3am and end at next day 3 am. As far as I understand, the initial meteorological conditions for Wind uvw, Temperature T should be 3am data. Or these values should be observed average for simulation period.

In the BASIC METEOROLOGICAL SETTINGS, the initial meteorological conditions for Temperature T and humidity q including min and max. Thus, they are the min and max data from the simulation period, not the simulation start time. Is it right?

In the LATERAL BOUNDARY CONDITIONS, the Initial meteorological conditions need three inputs which are Temperature T, Humidity in 2m, Humidity in 2500m. Do they mean 3am meteorological conditions?

I hope my explanation is clear.

Best regards,

Li Na

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Re: Initial meteorological conditions

Postby Tim » Thu Mar 26, 2020 2:41 pm

Hi Li Na,

With the Min Max values of the Beginner mode, a SimpleForcing (temperature and humidity values for a 24h cycle) is automatically created in the background.
If you want to change the LBC to deprecated LBCs Open or Cyclic in the LBC setting area of the ENVIguide, only the initial meteorological conditions for the start time at 3 am need to be set there.

Best regards,

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