Settings for Simple Plants and Greening

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Settings for Simple Plants and Greening

Postby MariaH » Sat May 23, 2020 9:38 am

Hi guys,

in try to simulate the influence of a greening facade and now a few questions came up to me.

1. I know the LAD value of the plants, I want to simulate. Its for expample 0,5 cm²/cm³, means 50 m²/m³. (Quite a lot right? But just to know..) In the DB-Manager --> Plants I can set up the LAD Profile in 10 layers. Does it mean, that put in the value of 50 m²/m³ and the program divides this value by 10 or do I have to divide the value by 10 and put in 5?

2. My greening facade should be ground-based, what means that the roots are only in the ground of course. But how does it work when I have also the root setups for a plant and than I choose this plant for my greening (setting without substrate) which I later want to put on the facade also in upper grids? I guess therefore ENVI-met simulates every grid also with roots? If yes, should I create plants without roofs to solve this problem?

3. How does ENVI-met orientate plants on a greening facade? Is the direction of growth parallel or rectangular to the facade? And is the plant hight in a vertical facade still important? Should I set it on 1m (like the size of the grid and if parallel growth) or becomes the hight of the plant the same as the plant thickness in the greening settings?

I hope you can unterstand my questions and looking forward some help!

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Settings for Simple Plants and Greening

Postby Tim » Sun May 24, 2020 11:38 am

Hi Maria,

First of all, be sure that there will be detailed technical description but still needs some development time unfortunately.

1. For general information about gridding LAI values to get the LAD layer values, check this tutorial video: However, LAI for simple plants is not defined by the plant itself but by the greening property of LAI in the greenings tab. Check the tutorial about facade greening about that: Your plant will probably have an LAI of 0.5 instead of 50... There is no plant with such a density.

2. As far as I see that in the code, the root information of the chosen simple plant is not used in greening. Available water for the plant is regulated by the water coefficient (see facade greening tutorial linked in 1.).

3. Plant's height/thickness is orientated rectangular to the facade. If you want to add greening in higher building levels, simply digitize the facade greenery at those cells. Leaf orientation is handled by a parameter in the DBManager (also see facade greening tutorial linked in 1.).

Best regards,

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