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Forum Guidelines

Postby Tim » Sat May 02, 2020 11:24 am

Dear ENVI-met Board Users,

We are very grateful for your feedback as well as the numerous hints, bug reports, and questions. However, we would like you to check a few steps before reaching out to us by posting a new topic.

1. Is it a very basic problem or question which might have been already answered or explained by a tutorial video? Check our youtube channel for all existing videos: Especially keep an eye on the consistently expanding series of ENVI_MET Unfolded where every aspect of ENVI-met already is or will be explained in detail.

2. Check our info website for further technical information, an FAQ as well as tutorial documents: For scientific information, check papers, technical papers, and dissertations about ENVI-met.

3. Use the search function within this forum. Most often, a question has already been answered and issues have been solved.

4. If your topic was not discussed before and none of the steps before could help you, please post your topic with a detailed description. Make sure that the question or issue is described clearly with the given information. Add as many details as you can. Attach images and screenshots to support your description. If the topic is no general question but refers to a certain project or simulation, please add the simulation files (SIMX, INX, EDB, FOX...) as zip.

5. Please be patient: All questions will be answered. However, especially complex issues take time to be understood and solved.

We know that many of you already followed these steps anyway but especially for new users this guide might be helpful. Please follow this guideline so that we can spend more time to investigate complex questions.

Thank you very much in advance!

Best regards,

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