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Can you help me pls?

I would like to model a house which is in the picture, i.e. the walls of the first floor are made of concrete and the second, wood. Looking at the datebase, I didn't find wood, so I should create the material and assign all the parameters. Can I use different materials on the same building?.

You can see in the picture that the roof is triangle, is not posible model that geometry, right? How much could be my margin of error if i model it as a square?

Finally, i want to simulate to diferents SRI values. I'm confused. Reflection means SRI?

Regards, Jose

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Re: Project

Post by Tim »

Hi Jose,

Yes, you are able to use different wall materials for different floors of the house. Simply digitize them in 3D mode of Spaces.
Depending on the resolution that you choose for your model area, you are able to model the triangle roof going up in steps. The roof inclination is of course different to the real world roof but the margin of error should not be very high, especially if you are interest in the thermal comfort near the ground around the house.
Reflection is the albedo in our database.

Best regards,

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