obstacles on current project

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obstacles on current project

Postby Jiho » Mon Apr 01, 2019 1:51 am


One of my currently progressing project is yeary-term-contract with major housing company on S.Korea that improvement of gardening design for apartment house.

Our goal is showing the how the computer-aided gardening design works and improves outdoor conditions.

Unlike other simulation projects, we have chance to compromise modeling parameters that simulation can run on acceptable time period. And these are conferenced with our client and other contractor cooperatively. (means that mutual and peacefull compromise :D )

I'm inspecting major features of ENVI-met and other tools that important to my project past few month.

*we currently use 2m x 2m meshes
*building has mostly over 90 meters

Below is my sucesses with Rhino-Grashopper modeling

**Surfaces from multiple closed curves
**Building from Volumetic geometry (some geomery was failed to convert)
**plant from thousand of points (but only one type of simple plant)

And below are my concerns about modeling process that you might give me help or inspriations.

***ENVI-met Spaces Modeling
1. Building Complex has multi ground level.
-split option can not be feasible for this situation.
-uniform z sizing until the top surface causing heavy mesh density.

2. Apartment has multiple complex
-this will conducted by seperated model when complex has distance from each other.
-but unfortunate situations can be possible, that will suffer abundant of grids with empty area!

3. Actual Composition of Ground Surface
-Most Apartment of this region bult on underground parking lot, not on the soil.
-If I place the builings on the so called 'basement building' I will surffering with pre/post processing.

4. Gardening has glassed surface
-glassed surface(on the road and other pavement: these are roof of basement, actually!) of aparment complex is similar to greening surface of roof. not the plant on the soil.
-also 'glass plant' can be overraped by other 'tree plant'
-so 'tree plant' on the 'greening' can both plant and glass coexist. but this model not easy to postprocessing.
-furthermore, It makes me wonder that modeled via RHINO-grasshopper. I am not concerning with manual modeling.

***Features that Rhino-Grashopper can't
1. DEM
-drawing hill and valleys via SPACES is horrific.

2. Multiple plants can not drawn
-most apartment has 4~6 thousand of trees.
-I'm successfully converted point to plant with only one simple plant.

3. Some volume geometries has an error
-It consumed tremendous amount time to debug.
-I was shrinking the base surface and move it to each buliding geometry and run the grasshopper for every buildings.

***Force Weather conditions to ENVI-met
1. Can I force different wind-velocity and direction for every hour?
2. I am not want to make up whole weather file.

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Re: obstacles on current project

Postby Tim » Mon Apr 01, 2019 9:26 am


I am not into the Rhino/Grasshopper tool but I might give you some advice about your ENVI-met issues.
If you use Monde for building the model area, you are able to download the terrain model, it is gridded automatically. Same for the plants, they are gridded as 3d plants for each point (which you need as shapefile).
I don't understand the building geometry problems. Do you mean there is a bug in the export from Rhino to ENVI-met?
You can force weather conditions of wind velocity and direction for each hour. You only need to import a CSV file with this data in the Forcing Manager. You don't need to set up a whole year. Only the time period you are interested in.

Best regards

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