Nested simulations and LCZs in Monde

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Nested simulations and LCZs in Monde

Postby grjonathan » Tue Jul 23, 2019 2:50 pm


The following papers describe some unreleased features in ENVI-met:
1. Running Nested Simulations In The Microclimate Model ENVI-met A Case Study Using WUDAPT2ENVI-met Simulation Data
2. Enhancement of the WUDAPT Portal Tool WUDAPT2ENVI-met

The first describes the ability to apply spatially heterogeneous boundary conditions to a model, using the results of a previously-run simulation ("nesting" a simulation within a simulation). This is an exciting prospect and I hope it makes it to a future release.

The second describes a process whereby a LCZ classification is brought into Monde via shapefile. This could probably be achieved in ArcGIS or similar, but I'm wondering if there are plans to streamline the process in Monde, as the name "WUDAPT2ENVI-met" implies.

Or perhaps I'm missing something, and these features are already available?


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Re: Nested simulations and LCZs in Monde

Postby Tim » Tue Jul 23, 2019 10:01 pm

Hi Jonathan,

These features are planned to be released in the upcoming versions of ENVI-met and Monde. It is already implemented in our developer version but needs a better user interface before being released.

Best regards,

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