nesting grid

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ella ma
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nesting grid

Postby ella ma » Wed Jul 29, 2020 2:46 am

Hi, Tim.

I heard of nesting grid.
ENVI-met provides a “Nesting area” around the core domain to
distance the boundaries away from the target area and minimize the
boundary effects on the target area.

i know that ENVI-MET also require that the there need to be some distances between the target area and the boundary.
Or the model inspector will say 'no'.

so i want to know what is the difference between them.

best wishes

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Re: nesting grid

Postby Tim » Wed Jul 29, 2020 8:15 am

Hi Ella,

Yes, there are nesting grids and they can be used to save some space. You are then able to reduce the cells of open space near the border of your model area to only a few cells.
However, we have been recommending the last years to not use them anymore. Forced meteorological boundary conditions e.g. of temperature are modified within the nesting area without any influence of the model area. Shading, different soil profile structures, vegetation etc. are not used for the development of meteorological parameters within the nesting grids. Only one homogeneous soil profile is used there. Boundary conditions then entering the core model area are thus probably different to the originally forced data.

Best regards,

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